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Christian Nodal: “I’m In love, But Love Songs Don’t Come Out”


The Mexican singer-songwriter Christian Nodal delivered his album “Ayayay Deluxe” this Friday, the second part of the production that he released at the beginning of the pandemic and which, he told Efe, represents his contribution to “well-being” to the public.

“I feel that I am one of the few who have done well this year, and that makes me want to serve my fans with special affection,” said the artist.

And it is that in addition to having several songs among the most popular of pop and the Mexican regional, La Voz México has also just won and is experiencing “such a great love” that he assures “he cannot keep it to himself.”

For this reason, he has shared his romance with the singer Belinda on social networks; he has been open to giving statements and even showed the tattoo of the artist’s eyes that was made on his chest.

He is clear that he wants to marry her and cannot imagine a better way to receive his long-awaited 2021 “with the family.”

“With my family and my girlfriend’s all happy, dancing and celebrating,” said the singer who does not know if it will also be an engagement or even wedding celebration, but whatever it is, he will share it with his fans.

“We are both very intense, and we both know that probably not many people live such love and that is why we want to share it, we are very happy.”

Of course, he wants his fans to be clear that although he thinks that the singer Belinda, his current partner, is the woman, his life does not mean that he will become a love song composer.

“They don’t come out well for me. It’s as if God put me in this world and gave me a shit (lot) of sadness to tell. Even when I’m happy, I get songs of heartbreak stories,” he said with a laugh.

His problem is being “too self-critical,” and when he has tried to compose romantic songs, he finds that they are “corny.”

However, he assured that this will not be a problem for his career because he has saved topics if he is still so happy and his muse of spite takes a break.


Christian Nodal’s musical identity goes far beyond the songs “breaks veins” and considers that his stamp is “innovation” within Mexican music.

“I love music, and music has to be free. It can’t be pigeonholed into a genre, or a genre can remain static,” he stressed.

Therefore, he feels very “proud” of his two installments of “Ayayay.”

“I have some fusions of genres that were very crazy. I have a sauce and other things that not even I would know what to name it. I hope people enjoy it a lot because I did it thinking about them,” he said.

The album is also a family effort. While the producer was her mother, Cristy Nodal, her cousin José Nodal was one of the main instrumentalists.

But besides, the album featured Edge and Sky’s production, who have specialized in pop and urban themes.

The first one has songs like “Boyfriend” by Ariana Grande and “Medellín” by Madonna on his resume. The second is one of J Balvin’s main collaborators.


Nodal plans to release “El coqueto y la mala” in November, his long-awaited collaboration with Ángela Aguilar.

Besides, he does not rule out doing a duet or even releasing an album with Belinda, but it is not for the immediate future.

“I know they are expecting it, but we have no plans for that now,” he acknowledged.

He was also aware of how the career of Mexican artist Fernando Sujo will develop, who was part of his team, and was the winner of La Voz México.

“I hope they take care of it,” said the artist, who is well aware of the challenges faced by contestants in this type of “reality show” which “almost always disappears.”

That is why he left him advice and a great offer: “I told him to read the contracts well, which is the most complicated thing, and I offered to give him some of my music, I have never done that with anyone, but I have confidence in him. A lot of talent, “said Nodal.

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