Celebrity Jada Pinkett recognized Will Smith having an Affair

Jada Pinkett recognized Will Smith having an Affair


The couple talked about what a rapper friend of their son recently revealed.

In every count of the longest-lasting and most stable couples in Hollywood, they occupy a privileged position. However, in recent weeks the names of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett began to be on everyone’s lips, but for other reasons: the rapper August Alsina assured in an American television program that he had a relationship for years with the Gotham actress. This Friday, the couple broke the silence and, face to face, talked about that romance on the Pinkett podcast.

Alsina had assured, in The Breakfast Club program, that she met the actress in 2015, through her son, Jaden, and that Smith was in everything moment aware of what was happening between them. ” I gave myself totally to that relationship for years and I loved it deeply, to the point of affirming that I could die right now knowing that I have finally felt that love for someone,” he said.

The rapper’s statements were reproduced in most of the American media and amplified on the networks. To try to calm their followers, Pinkett and Smith decided, at first, to deny their sayings.

“That relationship did not exist. None of that is true,” their spokesmen assured, but Alsina redoubled the bet. “The truth is uncomfortable, but I cannot apologize for that. Each one has the freedom to feel whatever because when one is in true peace, any noise or comment becomes a whisper, ” he said.

For the first time, then, the actors, who have been married for 23 years, felt that it was time to tell their truth, even if that meant opening the door of their privacy, a door that until that moment they had kept closed. The chosen place was the actress’s Facebook podcast.

There, sitting face to face at a round table, they decided to retrace the silence. Pinkett’s confirmation came first: indeed, she had an affair with the rapper, whom she acknowledged having met through her son.

Far from being uncomfortable, the actor was the one who set the pace and direction of the talk. “I think you have to say clearly what happened,” he began by telling his wife, looking into her eyes. “About what?”, She replied, pretending not to understand. “We decided that we were going to give ourselves our space. And what happened?” He insisted. ” So I got into a mess with August,” she ended up admitting, but the answer did not seem to convince her husband either, who, laughing, asked and corrected: “A mess? A relationship

Once they took the initial step, the talk flowed, almost without tension. Thus, for the first time, the two revealed that without almost anyone knowing, five years ago they decided to end their relationship. “I thought we were never going to talk to each other again. I felt like it was over,” he said, and that gave way for her to temporarily locate her romance with the rapper.

“We decided that we were going to give ourselves our space. “And what happened?”, He insisted. “So I got into a mess with August,”

“Four and a half years ago I started a friendship with August. We became very close friends. It all started because he needed help. I wanted to help him with his health, with his mental state. And I was in a lot of pain, I felt destroyed and In the process of that relationship, I realized that happiness cannot be found outside, “ Pinkett added.

“As time went by, I got into another kind of entanglement with him. I just wanted to feel good. It had been so long since I didn’t feel well. And it was a joy to help someone heal,” he explained, looking at the look. accomplice of her husband. After the expected confession, it was time to talk about the present and, also, about the plans they have for the future, because the two agreed that they hope to stay together for many more years.

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However, a simple statement from Smith in the middle of the talk sparked a new theory.

“We both made mistakes, without fear of losing our family,” he said. The phrase, which sought to temper Pinkett’s responsibility, was read by many as confirmation that both would have had adventures. And then, from the networks, many users refloated the theory that the actor had an affair with Margot Robbie, his partner in the film Focus, masters of the scam.

Rumors about a relationship between them arose from some suggestive photographs that the two were taken in a booth during the end of the shooting party, and that ended up leaking to the press. Although both denied it at the time, the version gained momentum again because the filming took place precisely on the date that he and Pinkett decided to separate.

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