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Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke has what it takes: A scandal-free modeling career, a touch of glamor for the gossip columns, and her hard work makes the difference.


  • SURNAMEGercke
  • BORNFebruary 29, 1988, Marburg, Hessen / Germany
  • STAR SIGNfishes
  • YEARS32
  • SIZE1.79 m
  • PARTNERDustin Schöne (current) Kilian Müller-Wohlfahrt (2016-2018) Sami Khedira (2011-2015) Jay Khan (2007-2009)
  • CHILDRENZoe (* 2020)

Biography of Lena Gercke

“So far, everything has come together by itself” – as relaxed as it sounds, Lena Gercke walks through life with ease: The good-humored blonde works almost around the clock, but never seems strained, never trying to be funny or forced to be in a good mood.

The girl next door – the image fits the smile

Even when she took part in the first season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” in 2006, she was noticed – but not because of her bitchiness or loud trumpeting: Lena exuded calm, sometimes seemed almost shy. In the end, she won the crown, landed a contract with “IMG Models ” and graced the cover of the German ‘Cosmopolitan’. “I don’t even think about how people see me,” she once said in an interview, and people even buy it from her. Because in addition to hot shootings and catwalk appearances, Lena repeatedly shows her private, completely unvarnished page on Facebook and Instagram. Almost 700,000 people follow her on Facebook and almost 600,000 on Instagram. Here you can read the latest articles on the news feeder.

“Atamba by Lena Gercke”: As a model against anorexia

Lena, too, like her discoverer Heidi Klum, always likes to emphasize that she eats a lot and regularly. Sentences such as “I come from a family of butchers. You simply eat well and gladly from home” may sound like a model’s mouth, but if you look closely you will see: Lena is not skinny, she is sporty! This is due to her passion for fitness, which she discovered early on: She was born in Marburg and grew up in Cloppenburg, where she took dance and acrobatics lessons as a child. Today she even has her fitness program: With “Atamba by Lena Gercke” she wants to make her fans fit, you can register for the sports program at ‘atamba.de’.

Lena goes TV

“I love adventure too much, and things get bored very quickly. I don’t like everyday life and no routine” – that’s Lena Gercke, too. That’s why the showbiz industry fits her like a fist in the eye: Whenever a job gets too tight, she can try something new. As an advertising face, she stood in front of the camera for “Gillette”, “Katjes”, “Opel” and “Karstadt”, she ran at “Fashion Week Berlin”, worked in Milan, Athens, Paris and New York. In 2009 she went to Austria to moderate “Austria’s Next Top Model” – in 2012 she announced her departure. The following year she stood for the first time for the TV lifestyle magazine “red!”Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell, and Guido Maria Kretschmer she sat as a juror in the casting show “Das Supertalent”. Lena liked this job so much that she did it again in 2014. Since autumn 2016 she has been supporting Thore Scholermann as co-moderator of “The Voice of Germany”. And as if she weren’t busy enough in front of the camera, she’s now also among the designers. In summer 2017 she launched her first own fashion collection in the online shop “About You”.

Lena and love: Jay, Sami, Kilian, Dustin – and now a baby

At the beginning of her career, Gercke was still in a relationship with singer and later jungle camper Jay Khan, but this love failed in December 2009. After the separation, Lena remained single for the time being – until 2011, when she made her relationship with professional soccer player Sami Khedira public. The two were engaged from 2012 to 2015. She lived with the man from Stuttgart near Madrid, where he played soccer. At regular intervals, they made sweet, well-dosed gestures in public, like selfies in love online. Therefore, it hit fans, and the gossip press like a blow when Sami and Lena suddenly announced in July 2015 that they had separated by mutual agreement a few weeks earlier. Then the beautiful blonde found happiness with that sports doctor Kilian Muller-Wohlfahrt, whom she presented as her new partner in May 2016. The two lived together in Munich and separated in 2018. 



Singer of the hit Must Be Horrible to Sleep Without Me left peach-colored threads for the release

Anacapri launches its Summer 21 campaign starring and directed by the singer, actress, and creative director, Manu Gavassi, who was also the BBB20 third place.

It is the first time that a brand campaign has received direction and script from the character itself. For the photos in the collection, Manu redesigns his look and appears with peach-colored hair.

Always seeking to bring narratives and characters that reinforce for the consumer her power of personal choice, Anacapri built together with Manu Gavassi a campaign script bringing the message of a safe woman, who within her choices can be whoever she wants in every moment.

The collection that includes sneakers, slides, mules, and flat shoes in colorful tones for the summer, is now available on the Anacapri website.

Collection Technical Sheet

Creative direction: Manu Gavassi and Fernando Araujo

Photo: Marvin

Assistance photo: Franklin Almeida and Renato

TosoStylist: Carol Roquette

Beauty: Krisna Carvalho

Beauty assistant: Arthur Lordelo

Scenario: Ana Elisa Arietti

Assistant: Bella Yumi

Cons: Paul Oliveira and Cris Andrade

Cenotecnico:  Ivan and Danilo Moreira Marques

Manicure: Roberta Muniz

Image treatment: Alt Retouch

Executive production: Luana Godoy

Video:Direction: Mario Cezar

Screenplay: Amorinpublic

AC: Daniel de Santi

Gaffer: Grafitti

Driver: Jailson Lessa

Taking on peach strands on Instagram

In August, the singer of the hit must be horrible to sleep without me dyed her hair blonde, even assuming a temporary personality at the time, Malu Gabatti.


However, this phase is over, and last Wednesday (4), she appeared on Instagram with her hair painted in peach color, already revealing her new look for Anacapri.

“It is with great pride, and peaches, that I come to tell you that for the first time in the history of Anacapri the face of the campaign is also the creative director. Yes! And since the creation is mine and my brain is crazy (and playful) I decided to pay tribute to my favorite fruit from this season ”, she said.

“So with you: My summer stories, in shades of peach … Ready ?! Because my hair is already fine ”, completed Gavassi.


Tom Veiga, Louro Jose's interpreter, is buried in Sao Paulo - Reproduction / Instagram / Press Release / Globo
Tom Veiga, Louro Jose's interpreter, is buried in Sao Paulo - Reproduction / Instagram / Press Release / Globo

The ceremony was restricted to friends and family; Ana Maria Braga was present

After a funeral in Rio de Janeiro, last Tuesday (3), and another funeral in Sao Paulo, this Wednesday (4), Tom Veiga, Louro Jose’s interpreter, was buried in the Horto cemetery, in the north of Sao Paulo.

The ceremonies were restricted to friends and family, but even so, many fans went to the cemetery door to pay the last tribute to Tom Veiga. According to A Tarde e Sua, fans will be able to enter the cemetery as soon as the funeral is over and family and friends leave the place. Presenter Ana Maria Braga, who has been recording Mais Você from São Paulo, also attended the funeral.

Cause of death

The conclusion of the report of the Legal Medical Institute (IML) released on Monday morning (2), points out that the cause of Tom Veiga’s death was an intracranial hemorrhage due to a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. In other words, Tom suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which occurs when an artery or vein ruptures inside the brain, leaking blood.

The family of the interpreter of Louro Jose, 47, has not yet decided whether the funeral will be held in Rio de Janeiro, where he lived, or in Sao Paulo.

However, Mais Voce emphasized that a funeral should be held in Rio so that friends can pay their last respects and say goodbye to Tom.

He leaves four children, Amanda, Alissa, Adrian, and Diego.

Ana Maria Braga: ‘I feel like a mother who loses a child’

The presenter of Mais Voce gathered her strength and commanded the morning show live, at Estúdios Globo, in São Paulo, this Monday (2). Very emotional and crying, she talked about her feeling and the relationship she had with Tom Veiga, who was found dead on Sunday (1).

“He sided with me for the past 25 years, brought an idea to life and suddenly that idea became a reality. I’m not just losing Tom, I’m losing a great friend. We never argued, we never fought, I always considered him my son. It was Louro e, Tom, ”he said.

“I came thinking about how I was going to get here and say good morning to you because it hurts a lot. I feel like a mother who loses a child. That was it. As much as my entire production and the direction of the house were concerned about me, I couldn’t help being here, noisy inside, without leaving this last tribute ”, he said.

Ana explained that the concern started when he did not appear in Sao Paulo on Sunday afternoon (1), as he always did, to record early the next morning.

“On Friday (30), after a very fun program, we said ‘see you Monday, good weekend’ and today he would be here because he was part of the week in Rio de Janeiro and part here in São Paulo until he changed definitely. Yesterday, he didn’t come and his closest friends were surprised. They went to his house and found him lifeless”.

“I received the news afterward and I was unable to realize the idea that I had lost much of the joy that this boy gave me. In all these years, the tone was a mysterious figure for you, because the one who appeared was Louro ”, he said.

Before showing videos of people from the Mais Voce team reverencing Tom Veiga, Ana Maria Braga stated that he was very dear to everyone and emphasized that it was not just because he died.

“With the grace of God, I am surrounded by people who like what he does and he was surrounded by a lot of joy. Everyone loved Tom, it’s not now that he died that we’re talking about it. We never had an argument, it was something I always repeated because it is rare because there is no marriage without an argument. We were confidants of each other, told things, and didn’t talk to anyone”.

She stated that she did not want a heavy tone on the program and that the day would be a tribute and thanks.

“I don’t want this program to be a heavy thing in anyone’s heart, I cry with joy that I had the opportunity to have this man by my side.”


Ludmilla finishes hair transition: 'I feel proud' - Reproduction
Ludmilla finishes hair transition: 'I feel proud' - Reproduction

Singer of the hit song Verdinha and his wife Bruna Goncalves celebrated the end of the process.

Many celebrities took advantage of the pandemic quarantine of the new coronavirus to carry out personal projects, with many of them choosing the capillary transition for curly hair. Ludmilla and his wife, Bruna Gonçalves, were some of the stars to do this, having recently completed the process.

In an interview for the magazine Quem, the singer of the hit Verdinha spoke of the conclusion of the transition, saying she is happy to serve as an example for other women to assume their natural threads.“I feel very proud.

Khloe Kardashian has kept for months, it seems even more incredible that she agreed to go to Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday

I am very happy to know that I can inspire the freedom of other girls, just as I know that I can give strength to other people. The walk here was very challenging, so when I realize that I can inspire someone, it gives me more breathing space to continue and also a sense of gratitude, that I am doing things correctly and very truthfully, ”she said.

“Representativeness is very important for people to feel welcomed and, mainly, to help in creating the identity of each one. For me, it is fundamental in many ways since I am a woman, black, funky and I am part of the LGBTQIA + group ”, added the artist.

The intimate relationship with fans giving up instead of using definitive chemicals on the scalp, Lud will continue to change his look throughout his career through braids or hair ties.

As for natural hair, exposing it publicly was a way to show its more intimate side.“It was due to an action taken a while ago in conjunction with the Salon Line that I showed the world my hair as it is. But I confess that it was quite challenging.

I haven’t seen the natural texture of my hair in a while and being able to rest and breathe for my hair was too much ”.“With the hair transition, I showed everyone how my natural hair looks. At that moment, I realized that people saw me in another way, something more personal, even human.

Before it was a more fan and idol conception. When I revealed what I looked like and understood that I can do what I want with my hair, I saw that I can inhale. It was liberating, ”she concluded.

Khloe Kardashian has kept for months, it seems even more incredible that she agreed to go to Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday

Khloe Kardashian has kept for months, it seems even more incredible that she agreed to go to Kim Kardashian's 40th birthday

Because if there is someone who should understand better than anyone the criticism that this celebration is having on a private island, it is her.

In the last hours, Kim Kardashian has become the subject of much criticism after publishing the photos of the celebration of her 40th birthday. A party on a private island attended by thirty friends and family who, after taking tests 72 hours before to verify that they did not have coronavirus, simulated for several days without a safe distance and without masks that the world was not experiencing the worst pandemic of the century.

But if it was already incredible that the Kardashians bragged about this dystopia full of privileges on social networks, it is even more so now that a preview of the next chapter that will be broadcast in the United States of their reality Keeping Up With The Kardashians has just been published. One recorded months ago in which the family precisely discovered that one of them, Khloe Kardashian, is infected with the Covid-19 virus.

“Right now we are very anxiously awaiting Khloe’s results to see if she has it or not. My instinct tells me yes because right now she is very sick, and that has me very scared”, explains Kim in a confession on camera that appears in this small preview.

“Of course I have called all the doctors I know to try to find someone who can help her,” Kris Jenner also explains, visibly concerned. “I suppose we can only wait for the results for now,” Kim concludes before a video recorded by Khloe herself on her phone enters.

“I just found out that I have a crown. I have been locked in my room for several days, two of them feeling very bad, but everything is going to be fine “, says Khloe lying on her bed with a very taken voice before describing the symptoms of the illness she has suffered.

“Vomiting and shaking, first very hot and then very cold. I have had migraines, but this crazy headache I have right now I cannot describe as such. When I cough my chest burns me. And my throat still hasn’t fully recovered ”, he lists.

“Let me tell you this shit is real. But altogether we will overcome it if we pray, and follow the recommendations. Maybe God bless us ”, he concludes during a crisis that does not seem to have affected him much, judging by the happiness and carefreeness that he poses in his sister’s birthday photos.

This selfie of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick TOGETHER is going to give a LOT to talk about

This selfie of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick TOGETHER is going to give a LOT to talk about

Dear Scott and Kourtney, with photos like this, how can we not think that you have reconciled?

So much public flirting that does not stop does nothing but generate rumors. And it is that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have posed together, happy and very united in a selfie (during the commented birthday of Kim Kardashian ) and, of course, we can not avoid speculating again about the nature of their relationship. And, once again, we can’t help but think about RECONCILIATION.

‘Selfie selfie’, Kourtney posts on her Instagram profile. And there she and Scott are on what looks like a solo bike ride, that is, the two of them alone with no other companions. Because the next photo is also a selfie that shows that no one else could take it. Smiling, happy, relaxed. Yes, we know that they are the ex-boyfriends who get along the best in the world, that they share the custody of their children amicably, and that he is part of the klan. But … are you sure that yours does not go further if they have even talked about having a fourth child in common?

On the one hand, we believe that the time has come to stop thinking that they are going to be together again: yes, we must accept that conscious uncoupling is possible and that it means nothing more.

However, could it not be that they have decided to give themselves the umpteenth opportunity but do not want to make it public a la Kardashian but discreetly and without making much noise? Because let’s remember that [Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are doing the same in this same plan and without communicating everything on social networks. So dear Scott and Kourt, let us suspect that SOMETHING is going on here because you are giving us reasons for it.

Smile Meghan! You just achieved a VERY IMPORTANT victory in your fight against the tabloids

Smile Meghan! You just achieved a VERY IMPORTANT victory in your fight against the tabloids

And what is more important: total freedom to decide where you are going to spend Christmas this year.

Meghan Markle has had very little to wait for her second victory in the legal battle she has with the company that owns several British tabloids. If yesterday it was made public that the legal team advising the Sussexes, in this case, had asked to postpone the face-to-face trial that was going to be held on January 11 in London; today the court in question has agreed with them.

It will finally be not before October 15, 2021, when the face-to-face hearing is held in which both parties will defend their interests. A delay of months that will not only allow Prince Harry and Meghan to better prepare their arguments but also not have the obligation to travel this Christmas to England.

A visit more forced than desired since, to testify in January in court as planned, the couple would have to have moved to England two weeks before to comply with the quarantine that the country requires of all visitors arriving from abroad. Come on, unless they want to have the detail of taking Archie this vacation to spend a few days with his grandparents, uncles, and [other royal families; for now, we have to assume that the Sussexes will spend their second consecutive Christmas in the United States.

As we said, this is Meghan’s second court victory in a few months. Last August, he already managed to get the court to prohibit Associated Newspaper from revealing the names of five close friends who had participated anonymously in an interview for the preparation of his biography Finding Freedom.

book that also meant his first defeat last September when the same court allowed it to enter as evidence at the request of the defendants, who intend to show that in their newspapers they have not violated the right to privacy of the Sussexes.

It is precisely to study that biography in-depth and to be able to defend themselves that Harry and Meghan requested this postponement that has finally been granted. We will have to wait almost a year to find out who will win the final victory.

We honestly don’t know what to make of THIS birthday present that Kanye West has given to Kim Kardashian

We honestly don't know what to make of THIS birthday present that Kanye West has given to Kim Kardashian

The most romantic gesture in the world or just something that gives a lot of depressed? It’s up to you.

The current pandemic may not have allowed Kim Kardashian to celebrate her 40th birthday as she had always dreamed of. But there is one thing this crisis has not robbed him of: his unique ability to generate controversy. If a few days ago the socialite was widely criticized for having organized a party without masks and social distance on a private island; Today the controversy, or rather, the general stupor, has been caused by the gift that her husband Kanye West has given her for the occasion.

To complete the futuristic dystopia that we are having to live in this 2020, the rapper has not come up with a better way to surprise his wife than to resuscitate his father Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 and who thanks to technology has returned to the world of the alive in the form of a hologram to send a very special message to your famous daughter.

This has been revealed by Kim herself, who has published on her social networks the moment in which, like Princess Leia from Star Wars, she sees her father move and speak as if he were alive. And be careful, we do not doubt Kanye’s good intentions, but we must recognize how risky it is to give something like this to a person who lost his father very young and who could make him relive forgotten traumas with this.

Especially if we take into account that what is seen is not a real speech that he left recorded when he was alive, but the only recreation of what his father-in-law would say in the rapper’s head today. Hence for a moment, this hologram speaks of West “as the greatest genius in the world.” Intentional manipulation? Well, thanks.

“Dear Kimberly, you are 40 years old and already an adult. But you look just as beautiful as when you were a child. I take care of you, your sisters and brother, and all your children every day. Do you remember when I drove you to school in my little Mercedes every day and we listened to this song together? ”He started by saying this hologram while the song Who Put The Bomp, by Barry Man, starts playing in the background.

“I am so proud of the woman you have become and all that you have accomplished. All your hard work and all the companies you have built are incredible. But most impressive is your commitment to becoming a lawyer and continuing with my life. legacy. It is a long and hard road, but it is worth it. I am with you every step of the way.

The way you are connecting with our roots and supporting Armenia means a lot to me. You are a proud Armenian and I am an Armenian father proud ”, continues to recite the virtual Robert Kardashian referring to his legacy in the family.

“The most beautiful thing I have witnessed is watching you grow up in your family. You married the greatest genius in the world, Kanye West. You are also the most amazing mother. Your four beautiful children are perfect. Keep doing what you’re doing, Kimberly, you are a beautiful soul. And to the rest of the family, know that I am very proud of you and that I will always be by your side ”, he concludes. Is this the future?

Is it a bit early to talk about pregnancy for Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck?

Is it a bit early to talk about pregnancy for Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck?

If there has been no break between Ben and Ana and everything is going well. then let’s move on to the next scene.

Let’s start at the end: does Ana need to get approval from Ben’s mother when they already seemed to be getting along pretty well? What’s more, the actor has had very public and notorious partners since he is known, and nothing seems to have prevented him from getting engaged (let’s remember Jennifer Lopez ), marrying and divorcing, or the maternal influence. So, as a free man, why would his mother in any way influence his relationship with Ana? It doesn’t seem likely at all.

And let’s talk now about that supposed ‘pregnancy’, the last step to seal their love (well, they have missed talking about the wedding) after an express romance that began at the beginning of the year, that they passed the confinement together and that she finally It will end up installed in his mansion. What do we know about him? Well, nothing. And the latest images of Ana, filming a spot in Malibu last week, do not indicate anything insight about the arrival of any baby.

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Let’s see by proxy, she could be pregnant, why not, and her gut would not yet be visible. But this information sounds more like unfounded RUMOR than reality, no matter how happy they are together. Of course, this does not mean that one day they will become parents if everything continues like this; but we could not say that at this moment they are preparing for it.

May Diana forgive us but Carlos and Camilla are the most in-love couple in the world

May Diana forgive us but Carlos and Camilla are the most in-love couple in the world
May Diana forgive us but Carlos and Camilla are the most in-love couple in the world

In case anyone had a single doubt about the nature of the relationship between Diana of Wales and Prince Charles, that last documentary set in the days before the couple’s wedding ended up making us fall from the cherry.

His story was, in reality, the most unfortunate in real and royal life, with a woman who never was or felt loved and whose favor the entire planet ended because she dared to tell it.

However, the time has also finished taking away from Carlos the sanbenito of being the bad guy in the movie; no, he didn’t behave well with Diana, but by now it is more than clear who the woman in his life was: Camilla, today his wife and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Thanks to the press, series, and various documentaries, it has become clear that Carlos and Camilla have loved each other a lifetime. But why couldn’t they get married, if their love was reciprocated? Well, in 1971, when they met and fell irredeemably in love, at Buckingham Palace it was simply unthinkable that the heir to the Crown would marry a woman who had ‘a past’.

She was not exactly commoner: her father, Colonel Shand, ended up becoming a powerful businessman with what his family moved among the London creme. She was not alien to the nobility or the Royal Family but, of course, she did not live with the rigors of a royal and had had partners and much freer life than Carlos himself.

For Elizabeth II she was simply ‘unfit’ as a wife and future queen of England. But she was suitable as the Prince’s eternal love, so no one shouted to heaven because she maintained that royal custom of having a lover.

What happened is that, unlike others, he had only one in his entire life and that he loved her, to the point that they ended up getting married in 2005, in a truly unprecedented gesture by the Royal Household. To begin with, she was divorced by Tom Parker Bowles; to continue, it was the first time that an heir (himself divorced and later a widower) was allowed to marry a divorced woman.

Of course, they had to assume some resignations to be able to seal their love: she would never be queen consort and would have to ‘settle’ with the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

What had to have happened in the 70s, when their courtship began, ended in 2005 and, in 2020, they have more than proven that it would have been the right decision.

You just have to look at the images of Carlos and Camilla together to see that they are happy, that they are super close and that … they love each other very much. Also, they make an ideal couple for their work at The Firm: they are feminine ambassadors for the Crown and their status as divorced and ex-lovers does not prevent them from doing a brilliant job. These photos confirm the triumph of her royal and royal love.