Celebrity May Diana forgive us but Carlos and Camilla are...

May Diana forgive us but Carlos and Camilla are the most in-love couple in the world


In case anyone had a single doubt about the nature of the relationship between Diana of Wales and Prince Charles, that last documentary set in the days before the couple’s wedding ended up making us fall from the cherry.

His story was, in reality, the most unfortunate in real and royal life, with a woman who never was or felt loved and whose favor the entire planet ended because she dared to tell it.

However, the time has also finished taking away from Carlos the sanbenito of being the bad guy in the movie; no, he didn’t behave well with Diana, but by now it is more than clear who the woman in his life was: Camilla, today his wife and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Thanks to the press, series, and various documentaries, it has become clear that Carlos and Camilla have loved each other a lifetime. But why couldn’t they get married, if their love was reciprocated? Well, in 1971, when they met and fell irredeemably in love, at Buckingham Palace it was simply unthinkable that the heir to the Crown would marry a woman who had ‘a past’.

She was not exactly commoner: her father, Colonel Shand, ended up becoming a powerful businessman with what his family moved among the London creme. She was not alien to the nobility or the Royal Family but, of course, she did not live with the rigors of a royal and had had partners and much freer life than Carlos himself.

For Elizabeth II she was simply ‘unfit’ as a wife and future queen of England. But she was suitable as the Prince’s eternal love, so no one shouted to heaven because she maintained that royal custom of having a lover.

What happened is that, unlike others, he had only one in his entire life and that he loved her, to the point that they ended up getting married in 2005, in a truly unprecedented gesture by the Royal Household. To begin with, she was divorced by Tom Parker Bowles; to continue, it was the first time that an heir (himself divorced and later a widower) was allowed to marry a divorced woman.

Of course, they had to assume some resignations to be able to seal their love: she would never be queen consort and would have to ‘settle’ with the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

What had to have happened in the 70s, when their courtship began, ended in 2005 and, in 2020, they have more than proven that it would have been the right decision.

You just have to look at the images of Carlos and Camilla together to see that they are happy, that they are super close and that … they love each other very much. Also, they make an ideal couple for their work at The Firm: they are feminine ambassadors for the Crown and their status as divorced and ex-lovers does not prevent them from doing a brilliant job. These photos confirm the triumph of her royal and royal love.

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