Celebrity Miley Cyrus with Hemsworth and other unions that lasted...

Miley Cyrus with Hemsworth and other unions that lasted a sigh


Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, and other celebrities star in marriages that did not last long.

Marriage is forever … while it lasts. That’s what these famous people must have thought, who threw themselves to say yes and promised themselves an eternal love that, in some cases, lasted little more than a sigh. Some lightly pass the year, others come close, and still, others didn’t even complete a month or a week.

The most recent case, and one of the most talked-about in our days, is that of the American singer Miley Cyrus with the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. They got married in December 2018 and did not reach 9 months of marriage, although there were expectations for their union. Very soon both artists already had new partners and there was a lot of talk about alleged infidelities.

Another classic case is that of Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. He was one of the sportsmen of the moment and left the NBA fans speechless with his game and his basketball bad boy attitude. She was one of the actresses who played one of the Baywatch in the series ‘Baywatch’. And they were a couple.

In the Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls, Electra recounts an episode that took place while they were dating in which Jordan had to go find Rodman in Las Vegas.

The couple married in November 1998, but their marital happiness lasted only nine days when they filed for divorce, which they obtained in 1999.

There is also the case of Jon Peters and Pamela Anderson and their 12-day relationship. She said she had rushed and he hinted that she had only married him for financial reasons. This was Anderson’s fifth marriage, the third short-lived. In 2006 he filed for divorce from the musician Kid Rock, just four months after the ceremony, because, he alleged, there were irreconcilable differences between the two.

In 2007 she had already married Rick Salomon in the American city of Las Vegas and before she was three months old, she requested separation papers, again, due to irreconcilable differences.

It was the fourth time that the ‘Ghost Rider’ actor, the famous Nicolas Cage, walked down the aisle and did it with the makeup artist Erika Koike. It was in March 2019 and he could count the days he was married with one hand: the marriage lasted four days. It is not Cage’s only brief marriage. In 2002, Cage married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the king of rock, Elvis Presley, in Hawaii. They were together for about two years, but their union lasted less than three months. Then Presley said, “I’m sad, but we shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.”

You can not miss the union of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito. The ‘A star is born’ actor and the international model Irina Shayk put an end to their relationship last 2019, after four years together and a daughter together. But before this relationship, the actor had a brief marriage with Jennifer Esposito, the star of the crime series ‘Blue Bloods’.

“I’m sad but we shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place”

A couple of actors were married in December 2006 and, in May of the following year, they filed for divorce. According to the few statements about it they made afterward, it was a separation they both agreed with.

On the podium of marriages that last little more than a breath is the link between pop singer Britney Spears and her childhood friend Jason Alexander.

On a trip to Las Vegas in 2004, they both put on their rings and pledged their vows after a day of partying. The total time they were married was 55 hours, just over two days.

Eddie Murphy is one of the leading actors in children’s comedies and comedies and Tracey Edmons is the CEO of the production company that bears his last name, Edmonds Entertainment Group. They decided to agree to a romantic sunset wedding on a private island in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, on New Year’s Day in 2008.

Only 15 days after and before their wedding, according to People magazine, was legalized. in the USA they decided to separate.

According to the magazine, the marriage began to get complicated at the reception itself. The idea of ​​the couple was to celebrate a legal bond in the US, but they ultimately decided that they would be just friends.

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