Celebrity The Famous Perez Hilton Recognizes In His Book That...

The Famous Perez Hilton Recognizes In His Book That He Should Have Been Less Cruel


In his autobiography, he tells details of himself and celebrity friends “addicted to fame.”

Blogger Perez Hilton, who has gained notoriety for airing the secrets of celebrities, claims that his autobiography TMI: My Life In Scandal reflects how his upbringing in Miami and his “addiction” to fame led him to socialize with artists such as Amy. Winehouse, kissing John Mayer and being betrayed by Lady Gaga.

Mario Armando Lavandeira, real names, and surname of Perez Hilton, dreamed of making a book about the physical and emotional transformation that he experienced in the past decade when trying to lose weight, but he discovered that “nobody wanted to receive lettuce from me,” he said in an interview.

For what there was an “appetite” was for the story of how he went from being a “Cuban” from Miami to the most famous blogger in the world. “They wanted a Mcdonald’s burger full of gossip, not wellness advice.

They didn’t want to read about Mario, but about Perez Hilton and I decided to give it to them,” says Lavandeira about how TMI: My Life In Scandal was born(Chicago Review Press), which in Spanish would be “Too Much Information: My Life in the Scandal.”

When he speaks of the blogger, the author refers to the “scandalous, ill-intentioned, and in many cases unconscious” personality that he created during the first decade of the 2000s and that he dumped on his eponymous blog.

There he told sordid stories of the famous, accompanied by photos on which he scribbled colors. “Scrambling the memories, reviewing the publications, putting together the whole story took about two years in total. On top of that, the writers who helped me live in Sweden and they like to do everything in person.

It was long,” acknowledges the author, who lives in Los Angeles (California) and who has lost between 80 and 100 pounds (36 and 45 kilos) in weight between 2012 and 2014. He also became an activist in favor of the LGBTQ + collective and against racism.

It was the writers Leif Eriksson and Martin Svensson who convinced him to include the stories of his childhood, in the bosom of an immigrant family in Miami, and how “I went from being a ‘Cubanito’, with a great work ethic that they gave me my parents, to be Perez Hilton. “

“About how I came out of the closet, how difficult my beginnings. The book includes all that,” he details.

But there is also a lot of “greasy burger”, as his friendship with Lady Gaga, whom he accuses of having “used” him; a much-criticized kiss on the mouth with John Mayer and his friendship with the late British artist Amy Winehouse. “It was a crazy time in which we were all addicted. Many to drugs, alcohol, or food, but we were all addicted to fame,” he acknowledges.

Sorry for having used a cruel tone

“Because of that addiction to being noticed, to being talked about, to being written or taken out of us, looking for the next dose we did terrible things. I regret many things that I published. Of the disgusting tone I used. No there was a need, “he admits.

Lavandeira describes the early years of her blog as the “wild west.”

It was the time when the culture of the “influencer” began, which dominates many currents of opinion today. Despite her mea culpa, Lavandeira is clear that “what’s done is done, and it’s easy to see mistakes from a distance, but I still wish I hadn’t done it that way. I think of personalities like Walter Mercado and Richard Simmons who captured the imagination. of people without resorting to the negative and cruel tone that I chose, “he reveals.

This is precisely the biggest contrast between TMI: My Life In Scandal and the posts that led to his blog is the most widely read among Hollywood celebrity gossip lovers, which fertilized the land of the controversial multimedia publication TMZ.

The book is lightly worded. Interesting anecdotes, but innocuous. The revelations are eye-catching. It gives names, all from the “A” list of celebrities, and does not leave it to the reader to guess who it is. However, gossip competes with the author’s story of effort and redemption.

Father above all

At 42, Lavandeira defines himself first as a “father” and then as a “son.” His professional identity follows long after. The blogger has three children: Mía Alma, Mario Armando, and Mayte Amor Lavandeira, born between 2013 and 2017 to a surrogate and raised with the help of their mother, Teresita.

“My mom and I had giant crises. She did not take very well that I was gay, but now she is my best friend,” he reflects on “the turns of life.” His children and the successes of his publication (it has been said, he was the first in the world to announce the death of Fidel Castro), in addition to being able to use his fame to fight against any type of discrimination and abuse, are counted as achievements in his race.

Lavandeira declares himself “surprised with the success of the book.” “It has been a great experience, although what I have enjoyed the most is how much the fans have liked it, who have been with me for these 15 years.

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