Music The music world turns its back on Trump

The music world turns its back on Trump


Rockers, Latin artists, pop artists, almost all are unhappy with the president.

The world of music has a complicated relationship with Trump, from stars of the stature of Taylor Swift and Elton John to bands such as The Rolling Stones or REM despise him and reject that his songs sound in their campaign. Even Kanye West, his great supporter, is now his opponent in some states.

The dispute between the tenant of the White House and the world of music began long before his tenure when the Rolling Stones and Neil Young publicly complained that Trump enlivened the first campaign events with his songs, back in 2015.

The protests were soon joined by Elton John -of whom the US president is a declared fan-, Adele, and even families of deceased artists such as Leonard Cohen or Luciano Pavarotti, who allege that their values ​​do not agree with those of the Republican.

The rockers, the most reluctant

When Trump formalized his candidacy in 2015, the anthem “Start Me Up” became a classic to close his first rallies until the Rolling Stones called for the withdrawal of the subject in 2016, a dispute that escalated to a “cease and desist letter. “submitted by his legal team this year.

The Stones were joined by Neil Young, who claimed that he “did not like the idea” of his music being played in Trump acts because of his “misogyny” and “racism”.

REM members followed the same steps and took another one by recovering “World Leader Pretend” as an anti-Trump anthem for the “30 days, 30 songs” initiative.

Patti Smith, U2, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, and Guns N ‘Roses are some of the musicians who included songs in that list with titles as suggestive as “People Have the Power”, “World Wide Suicide “,” Idioteque “or” You Haven’t Done Nothing “.

Who went a little further was Joan Baez, who found enough inspiration in the president to compose her first original song in more than 20 years: “Nasty Man” (disgusting/unpleasant man). And the inspiration was not positive at all.

“When nobody gives a damn about his tweets, he will be finally and forever obsolete,” his verses end.

Latino artists are also distancing themselves

Ricky Martin was among the first to raise his voice against Trump when he was a Republican Party hopeful with a speech that “boiled the blood” to the singer of “Vida Loca” for his “gratuitous harassment of the Latino community.”

Becky G, born and raised in Los Angeles in a family of Mexican origin, was not happy about Trump’s victory: “He will not divide us” he said during his inauguration when speaking “for all who came to the US in search of a better life.”

Even Jennifer Lopez recalled the separation of children from their families at the border during her Super Bowl performance with a reference to the cages that did not go unnoticed. For his part, Bad Bunny wore a t-shirt with the message “Are you a twitterer or president?” In another show.

J Balvin, Shakira, Marc Anthony, and Romeo Santos are other Latinos who have criticized Trump at his concerts.

Trump is not Pop either

The world of pop doesn’t like Trump either. Neither Madonna, nor Cher, nor Katy Perry, nor Miley Cyrus has had nice words for the president.

Neither does Justin Bieber, who asks for the vote against him on social networks since he is Canadian and although he resides in Los Angeles (USA) he cannot vote.

Britain’s Harry Styles and Adele also want Trump out of the White House. “I’m British but what happens in America affects me,” said the “Rolling in the Deep” author.

Other artists like Billie Eilish insist that “Trump is destroying his country”, while Lana del Rey promoted spells against him and even said that his victory at the polls was “a loss for the culture.”

Even Taylor Swift broke the silence around his political preferences – until then a mystery – to make it clear that he is not going anywhere with Trump.

Few allies Trump had in music circles anymore and this year he lost his main sycophantic. Kanye West went from visiting the president in the Oval Office to say “everything is chaos” and running against him as an independent candidate in some states.

Perhaps the 50 Cents rapper took West’s place after supporting Trump because he doesn’t want his taxes raised, although he later withdrew his words. At least Johnny Rotten (Juanito Rotten), from the Sex Pistols, is one of the few who maintain their loyalty to Trump: “The only responsible option,” he says.

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