Celebrity The Secrets Of The Fortune Of Sofia Vergara

The Secrets Of The Fortune Of Sofia Vergara


According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, the Colombian is the highest-paid actress in the world.

The pandemic has reduced Hollywood revenues, but the closing of movie theaters has allowed television actors to gain prominence. Among the actresses who have best kept up in this situation, Sofia Vergara stands out (and her income of 43 million), who according to the American magazine ‘Forbes’, exceeds the income of other recognized actresses such as Angelina Jolie (35 million) and the Israeli Gal Gadot (31 million).

The Barranquilla, who is recognized for her role as Gloria in the comedy ‘Modern Family’, received $ 500,000 for each episode of this series that ended this year and which had 11 seasons over 11 years. In the last season alone, Sofia Vergara earned about $ 9 million. Also, for being part of the jury of ‘America’s Got Talent’, she receives “at least 10 million dollars per season”, not counting her various advertising contracts, according to ‘Forbes’.

The beginnings of his career

Sofia Vergara’s success dates back years when, in the 1990s, she made her first commercial for Pepsi, which marked the beginning of her work with brand advertising and catapulted her as a benchmark on screens, becoming the face from various advertising campaigns with which he began to earn money. At the same time, the Barranquilla emigrated to the United States to host the program ‘Out of Series’, although at the beginning of her career her television jobs were rare and the salary was not so good, since she was also raising her little son and needed income to support both.

Advertising and takeoff

According to ‘Forbes’, Toti’s career took a significant turn when she met renowned talent manager Luis Balaguer in 1994. Together they created the Miami-based talent management firm Latin World Entertainment, and in 1997 they launched a calendar bikini dress by Sofia Vergara to attract the public and distributors, which was a success.

“The calendar sold for $ 12.95 and ended up selling close to a million copies. Since then, Latin World Entertainment has become a media powerhouse that handles licensing, marketing, and development productions. Growing up at the time of his landing on the screen with roles in ‘A lover for three’ (‘Chasing Papi’), ‘Four Brothers’ (‘Four Brothers’), and ‘Tyler Perry’

Since her ads with Pepsi, a company with which she has continued to work, the Colombian has appeared in different advertising campaigns for large companies such as Synthroid, McDonald’s, Bally Total Fitness, CoverGirl, Cerveza Águila, Careisma, Dolce & Gabbana, and Procter & Gamble, being the Head and Shoulders commercials the ones that have generated the highest income.

A businesswoman

However, Sofia Vergara has also excelled in business, and in 2011 she signed her first contract with the Kmart chain of stores, in which she made seven collections of her clothing line each year until the agreement ended in 2015. According to ‘Forbes ‘, from that year on, the Colombian signed other agreements with brands such as Shark Ninja and the furniture chain Rooms To Go. Also, his line of ‘jeans’ in the Walmart chain of stores “has sold enough ‘jeans’ to build a tower four times taller than the Eiffel Tower”, not counting other of his initiatives, which include a line of various perfumes.

Also, Sofia Vergara, who is married to actor Joe Manganiello, recently partnered with the non-profit organization Kiva, to launch a global fund that helps more than one million organizations and people who have been affected by the pandemic.

50 powerful women from Colombia

In its September issue, the magazine ‘Forbes’ Colombia presented for the first time a list of the 50 powerful women in the country, to highlight the role of women in different social spheres. The list includes, among others, the mayor of Bogota, Claudia Lopez; the vice president, Marta Lucía Ramírez; the president of Terpel, Sylvia Escovar, and Sandra Forero, president of the Union Council. As well as the environmental activist and leader Francia Márquez and the journalist Jineth Bedoya are included in the list, without leaving out the artists Shakira, Karol G, and Sofia Vergara. The selection of ‘Forbes’ was based on variables such as economic power and the impact of their actions, as well as the influence that these women have in each of the sectors: business, media, technology, finance, philanthropy, politics, and art.

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